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Inspiring great leaders: Tsheto Leadership & Coaching Academy

Tsheto Leadership & Coaching Academy is an organisation whose existence is inspired by the passion for people development, and the belief that “in every human being there is a potential waiting for trust, respect and integrity to be unearthed”. These words were first spoken by the founder, Queen Ramotsehoa, in 2001. The growth and evolution of this organisation continue to draw strength from this powerful truth. What we know for sure is that conversations allow as many voices as possible to contribute to insights that will enable advancement by all. We invite conversations. The areas of interest are focusing especially on the following Coaching Programmes:

  • Leadership Development for Leadership Teams.

  • Women Leadership for women whose ambition is to advance and make their mark in leadership across different sectors of society.

  • Diversity and Inclusion that appreciate the depth of diversity beyond visible and obvious features of people.

  • Team Alignment that is grounded by embracing diversity and commitment to “make the circle bigger.

  • Courageous Conversations that foster the creation of psychologically safe environments for everyone to participate and co-create irrespective of differences.

  • Youth Development Programmes with a strong focus on equipping young people with self-leadership skills.

Tsheto uses Seminars, Webinars, Conferences, Boot Camps, and Coaching to allow conversations for mutual growth and benefit.

The tools that they use to facilitate and sustain these conversations include the following publications authored by Queen Ramotsehoa:

  • The Self-coaching Leadership Diary

  • Turning The Corner Self-Leadership Journal

  • Self-leadership Cards

  • Leadership Anchored in Consciousness is a Big Deal (Hot off the press!)

To learn more about Queen Ramotsehoa, watch her TEDx Talk below.

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