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Our Story

Our journey started way back in 2012, when we established OYA with a view of finding solutions to ensure that women were more prevalent in the resounding Africa rising narrative. We engaged extensively with local and international ecosystem players (private sector corporates, government organisations, entrepreneurs and business associations) to find effective ways of leveraging partnerships, connecting African women to tangible opportunities, effecting real transformation and putting the dollar into the hands of women. 

Our history

The signing of the AfCFTA  in the same year  marked a pan African leadership commitment to intra Africa trade. Our interactions in the market highlighted that this conversation was predominantly a political engagement and had not filtered down to a business to business interaction. It is after all the private sector and the business communities that are the actual traders and investors, moving goods and services across borders. 

Thus Womanomics Africa was officially registered by the founders of Oya in 2019 as a vehicle to support the realization of opportunities brought about by the AfCFTA , driving advocacy, research, and capacity building  specifically for women entrepreneurs across the continent. 

Unlocking the potential that technology represents would be the key to truly igniting change

Originally envisaged as a conversation in 2013, Womanomics Africa was successfully launched in 2018 as an evolved concept  to support an interconnected Africa at a gathering in South Africa with stakeholders from RSA, Swaziland and Botswana. Participants included civil society organisations, women in business, academia, as well as representatives of corporate enterprises.

Who we are

Womanomics Africa is a registered NPC that exists to facilitate women’s meaningful participation in African Economies. Propelled by the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA), the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda2063, as founders Womanomics Africa, we are strong believers that women can and should play a much more significant role in Africa’s growth story.


We are a movement that advocates, researches and builds capacity to introduce women owned business and eco-system partners to the opportunity available through the AfCFTA

Our vision

Our vision is to live in an Africa where women in business receipt half of the 6trillion dollars (by GDP) that is anticipated to be unlocked as a result of increased trade in Africa's Continental Free Trade Area by 2063.

Our mission

Through collaboration to facilitate meaningful participation of women in key economies (economic highways) by : 

  • Connecting businesswomen to insights and opportunities, to ecosystem partner, to other businesswomen and capacity; 

  • Researching and leading continental advocacy 


Our work

Our scope of work is tailored to support the scaling of women entrepreneurs, facilitate their increased prevalence and receipting significantly more revenue from their participation along identified and targeted economic highways.

Womanomics Africa Insights and
Womanomics Africa 
Womanomics Africa Circle
and Bootcamps
Women in Workshop

Our Ecosystem

A strong and effective ecosystem is important for the success of our work and the women enterprises we work with. Partnering, collaborating, gathering and sharing insights as well as garnering support from key stakeholders and organisations who share a similar vision is vital for sustainable impact. We look to partner with the following : 

Modern Building
Institutional Partners
  • Large Corporates 

  • Multinational value chains

  • Academic Institutions

  • Government procurement

  • Development organisations

  • Enterprise Development Service providers

Country Ambassadors
  • In-country representatives

  • Womanomics Africa Champions 

Network Partners

  • Businesswomen and Industry Associations

  • Chambers of business

  • Trade Organisations

  • Civil Society organisations

  • Individuals 

  • Organisations

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