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Womanomics Africa™ Partners 

initiate. collaborate. co-create.

 As an organisation firmly grounded in African principles, we appreciate that it takes a village to raise this child. Collaboration is at the heart of ours and our beneficiaries eco-systems

Multi Ethnic Girls

Womanomics Africa Institutional partners

Our partners make us who we are.  The companies listed below have contributed to our journey to date and many continue to support us. We know that they do so because they are aligned to our vision and our work connects to their strategic priorities. 

 2018 - 2020 PARTNERS.png

We continue to seek to build new corporate and government partnerships, to jointly  roll-out our support for entrepreneurs, providing them with access to skills, markets (value chains) and capital.  

If our work resonates with your value proposition, and strategic priorities, or you would like to explore how it can, get in touch and we can discuss how together we can achieve impactful women's  empowerment.

Institutional Partners

Country Ambassadors

The Womanomics Africa Country Node Ambassador is the official in-country local representative and country spokesperson of Womanomics Africa.  This person is a strategic liaison who identifies with women’s economic empowerment and whose work speaks to the upliftment of women through economic development. 

The Ambassador is a respected member of society who has credibility and legitimacy in their country of operation and is well placed to introduce a bold ambitious initiative. 


Country Ambassador

Join the team

A Womanomics Africa Country Ambassador is responsible for: 

  • Promoting an economic highway driven by women and driving initiatives to promote women doing more business with each other on the continent

  • Identifying and connecting Womanomics Africa to country patrons, development partners, stakeholders and businesswomen and business associations in country and across nodes and providing stakeholder management of those enlisted

  • Creating  awareness of a “Women driven Economic Highway” initiative and onboarding businesswomen and stakeholders


If this is you, or you know somebody that fits this description, submit your application or nomination here.

Network Partners

We believe in the Power of the Pack. No single organisation has the ability to solve any major social problem at scale by itself. We partner with other women's organisations and associations in our priority regions, across  key sectors for greater impact so that jointly we can: 

  • Amplify our efforts and voices (vs diluting)

  • Limit the duplication of existing structures  (“and vs or)

  • Strengthen each others value propositions  

  • Enhance mutual learning

  • Achieve phenomenal, uncommon results

If you would like to explore areas of collaboration and understand the benefits of becoming part of our network, for your organisation and your members, contact us 


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Country Ambassadors
Network Partners

Volunteer with us

Many hands make light work and we need your time and skills  to help us achieve our goals. 


If you or your organisation are just as passionate as we are about Africa’s growth and her women playing a more significant role in achieving this, please contact us.  


We promise you a an amazing experience of being part of something meaningful spearheading growth across Africa, connecting with phenomenal like-minded women across the continent, personal and proffesional growth, and  leaving an awesome legacy.


Register as a volunteer

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