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SA is Africa’s third most attractive investment destination – report

This article was first published on IOL on 21 September 2021.

South Africa was ranked as Africa’s third most attractive investment destination, according to the Where to Invest in Africa 2021 report from RMB.

The report showed that Egypt is Africa’s top investment destination with Morocco following in second place. Rounding up the top five are Rwanda and Botswana in fourth and fifth positions respectively.

The positive global sentiment that saw the year 2020 in was short-lived when Covid-19 and lockdown legislation demanded a new sociological construct that changes the work-life balance.

The pandemic brought into sharp focus the vast disparities in access to basic health and wellbeing services across countries. It was also a catalyst for the adoption and utilisation of technology as a means of communication.

“We created a new set of rankings that incorporated some of the unavoidable Covid-19-induced challenges, of which the operating environment score was one”.

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