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Womanomics Africa™ Programmes 

engage. scale-up. impact.

Our scope of work is tailored to support the scaling of women entrepreneurs, facilitate their increased prevalence and receipting significantly more revenue from their participation along identified and targeted economic highways.

Young Businesswoman

Womanomics Africa Index

As the adage states, what gets measured get done. Through our various engagements we continue collate and disseminate information and insights that allow the ecosystem to take action. For the years 2020-2021, we are focusing on the following countries and sectors. 

We are lobbying for a Womanomics Index as a means of establishing the extent of women's participation in the AfCFTA and advocating for an annual report to track and measure the extent to which develop support is having an impact on women owned business.

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Agro-processing and agricultural equipment

Womanomics Africa Index


Womanomics Africa™ hosted its inaugural conference in South Africa on the 20th and 21st November 2019 at the IDC was hich was a resounding success. It was a gathering of ecosystem partners  supporting women's development comprising:

  • corporate SA and multinational value chain owners,

  • development funders,  

  • local and pan African entrepreneurs and

  • development 

Structured as a 2day gathering during Global Entrepreneurship Week, it socialized the AfCFTA, highlighted reciprocal business opportunities for South African women in key economies in the rest of the continent as well as facilitated meaningful business. Post conference reviews highlight its success in connecting women entrepreneurs to information,  each other, opportunities and capital.  


Ghana was earmarked for the 2020 Conference as it holds significance as the seat of the Secretariat of the AfCFTA, gateway to West African markets for RSA businesses with strong bilateral relationship between the two countries. Given the impact the COVID-19 we are finalizing the plans to host the conference digitally.


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The bootcamps are popular, high impact, high engagement and tightly facilitated sessions. Limited to 50 participants, at a maximum of 5 hours per session, and using the successfully “tried and tested” format of the Womanomics Africa Circles™, the sessions are designed to share insights about opportunities in key sectors connect women to each other and ecosystem partners, and conduct  a baseline study of women in the sector and their readiness for doing business on the continent 

Annual Conference
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