Womanomics Africa is a registered NPC. It convenes practical conversations with targeted women in business and key stakeholders, to unpack  and facilitate how women can participate more meaningfully, significantly and effectively in African economies.

Womanomics Africa Circles™

"We need social distancing across the country, and we need to keep it in place for some weeks, if not months, to buy time. If social distancing works, is enacted broadly, and is kept up, the number of new infections could decrease. It would give us a pause in the action, to potentially move on from social distancing to a more targeted pandemic strategy. Right now is the time to get plans ready so when that pause comes, we can make things right."

Brian Resnick vox.com  Mar 26, 2020, 8:30am EDT

Womanomics Africa™ has gone fully digital and have moved our engagements online. Connect with us - online - until the time comes to to engage otherwise.

Womanomics Africa Circles™ are small, focused conversations/workshops that are continuous throughout the year, in between conferences, concentrated on key growth industries and countries.

Stay connected to women entrepreneurs and the supporting ecosystem by joining our online circles every Monday and Friday from April to June.

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